Reducing the risk of Employee Turnover

Losing valuable employees can be a significant challenge for an organization. Training new employees and integrating them into the organization requires additional resources, which often slows the pace of organizational development.

The desire of employees to leave can be due to many reasons, including the search for new opportunities, dissatisfaction with existing conditions, attractive offers from competitors, frequent changes in goals or management,

cultural differences, lack of engagement, feeling undervalued, favoritism, the attitude of an immediate supervisor, stress caused by deadlines, poor structure and cumbersome bureaucracy, a lack of opportunities for growth and development, etc.

Often, it is possible to retain valuable employees by identifying weaknesses early, increasing employee engagement, and proactively responding to challenges.

The analytical tools of the Leadership Scanner, based on the analysis of the organizational climate, the level of engagement and the fundamental barriers to growth, will help you identify the main factors of employee turnover in a timely manner. With employee segmentation and network analysis, you can see exactly who is at risk of being lost – valuable information for planning proactive measures.