People Analytics and Engagement Tool

We believe that an individual represents a core value in an organization. The diagnostic tool we have developed will help you assess weaknesses and strengths of organizational development, reduce talent turnover, and create a supportive environment where each employee’s potential is maximized.

About the diagnostic tool

The Leadership Scanner (LS) is an effective combination of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) and Employee Engagement survey.

Based on the survey, we will analyze the level of employee engagement, the degree of loyalty, barriers to development, leadership effectiveness, and at the same time identify talent whose increased engagement will bring success to the organization.

The survey is conducted through a simple 15-minute self-administered questionnaire. The tool is behavioral and does not involve peer review, which increases the level of honesty and engagement in the survey.


The LEADERSHIP SCANNER will help you clearly see the hidden mechanisms of your organizational work. You will be able to assess how healthy the organizational climate is, where there is room for improvement, and who you can rely on in the transformation processes. An in-depth analysis and interactive dashboard will provide valuable insights at three levels: Organization, Team and Individual


Data analysis will help you understand where you stand, but conducting employee survey is only the beginning of a journey, and it is important to follow up with effective action. To share the results within teams, we have developed a practical guide for planning and conducting group sessions that will help you increase the level of employee engagement and work with your team to identify opportunities for improvement.


The LS helps you strengthen leadership, create a talent development plan, and improve the organizational climate. The tool will help you identify employees who are planning to leave the organization in a timely manner and take care of their retention. A methodological guide, where each topic is paired with a set of practical recommendations, will help you create a development plan.

Our goal is to help you make effective decisions at three levels:


You will see the big picture at the organizational level. You will be able to assess how well employee values align with the organization’s culture and values, how well employees share the company’s vision, believe in management, and see opportunities for growth and development. Indexes, risk indicators and GAP analysis will help with the early detection of issues. A network analysis will assist with leadership analysis, organizational structure, and development strategy adjustment.


You will see a micro picture at the team level. Our unique tool examines 26 statements clearly related to employee engagement and organizational climate, which are grouped into 9 indicators. This level of detail is essential for developing a specific action plan. In addition, the network analysis will help you create a list of high-potential leaders, which will significantly increase the utility of mentoring and succession planning programs.


At the individual level, you will identify professional and opinion leaders. Leaders can be identified in seven different components of business and social relationships. The results of the network analysis can help you identify signs of weak delegation and micromanagement in structural units. Employee segmentation shows you who has greater influence, who you can rely on, or where you need to act quickly to reduce employee turnover and the risk of burnout.

Reporting For Effective Decisions

Despite the simplicity of the survey tool, the Leadership Scanner uses complex and scientifically substantiated data processing technology that makes it easy to interpret the results and make effective decisions.

An interactive digital platform – a powerful people analytics tool – is designed for an HR manager. We present the results to the head of the organization, team leaders and team members in the form of summary reports (in PDF format). The structure of reports is individual for each target group and is adapted to their needs.

Supporting And Strengthening The HR Team

In parallel with the delivery of results, a trainer assigned by the LS will conduct a series of training sessions with the HR team, familiarizing them in detail with the capabilities of the digital platform, the structure of the summary reports, and the process of conducting group sessions.

If the HR team suffers from a lack of resources or qualifications, do not worry, our experienced consultants will help you strengthen the HR team. Additional services include:

  • Basic facilitation skills training
  • Organizing group meetings / workshops