LEADERSHIP SCANNER is a diagnostic tool developed by experienced experts that combines the best practices of organizational network analysis (ONA) and employee engagement survey, which makes our product unique. The Leadership Scanner is used with equal success both in the process of making strategic decisions related to organizational development as well as in planning effective steps at the micro level.

Increase Organizational Effectiveness:

  • Increase employee engagement

  • Retain employees

  • Strengthen leadership

  • Increase teamwork and productivity

  • Improve organizational climate

  • Optimize organizational structure

  • Increase the effectiveness of the mentorship program

  • Improve a succession planning program

Discover risks and hidden potential:

  • Discover professional and opinion leaders

  • Discover high-potential talent

  • Discover signs of weak delegation and micromanagement

  • Detect anomalies in the organizational structure

  • Discover risks of employee turnover and burnout