Support for mentoring programs

Developing knowledge-sharing platforms is important for the sustainable development of the organization. The opportunity for employees to grow professionally is an important incentive to build stable and long-term relationships within your organization.

Implementing effective mentoring programs plays an important role in training new employees, preparing successors, creating a quality product, and avoiding mistakes.

Using network analysis, you can identify competency leaders and engage them in mentoring programs. Often, professional leaders are busy with daily activities and have little time to share their knowledge or experience with others. Analysis of desired network leaders identifies individuals with whom employees would like to collaborate more to improve their work. Often, these leaders are at risk of burnout, which can ultimately lead to turnover.

The goal of effective leadership is to identify competency leaders in a timely manner and create a support system where mentors have free time to share knowledge, and employees have access to competency centers.

We can help you identify professional and opinion leaders and analyze their spheres of influence to increase the effectiveness of mentoring programs.