A survey response is an indirect measure of employee engagement in the company’s business life. By analyzing team member responses, we can see where we need to communicate more with employees to increase their engagement.

Employee loyalty metrics such as eNPS and satisfaction are displayed in the digital platform. The illustration shows the eNPS metric, which we can analyze by team, position, and tenure.

For the analysis of the organizational climate and level of employee engagement, a separate dashboard is allocated in the digital platform, where detailed information is displayed at the level of each component (7) and provision (26). Individual team results are compared with the overall characteristics of the organization. A gap analysis and risk assessment make it easy to identify weaknesses and strengths.

Identifying risks related to team climate and people engagement is a core functionality of the Leadership Scanner. On one hand, the risk detector shows which structural units have low indicators, and on the other hand, it identifies those leaders whose increased engagement will improve the organizational climate.

The digital platform includes employee segmentation based on the level of influence and engagement. As a result, we can clearly see who we can rely on or where we need to act quickly to reduce the turnover rate and improve the organizational climate.

As a people analytics tool, the Leadership Scanner generates employee profiles based on network analysis data. The results help management improve career development and mentoring programs.