As part of the training, we will provide the HR team with a practical guide to conducting group sessions, which includes 6 main stages:

  • Planning a group session

    The guide includes recommendations for communication messages and process planning. By initiating meetings, you will create expectations for positive change among team members.

  • Presenting results to the team

    When presenting the results to team members, it is recommended to talk about the importance of the research and to present both the overall report of the organization and the individual team report. As a result, team members will begin to believe that their opinions are respected, which in turn will increase employee trust in management.

  • Discussion of each engagement parameter

    This practical guide provides useful advice on how to discuss and interpret results. As a result of the discussion, team members will have a clear picture of the current situation. They will see the team’s strengths and identify areas for improvement.

  • Selecting priority issues

    The goal of the fourth stage is for the team to collectively select, by consensus, the priority issues that they want to improve.

  • Developing an improvement plan

    The methodology guide provides a list of clarifying questions and practical recommendations for each topic to help the team generate ideas and develop a concrete action plan.

  • Progress monitoring

    It is recommended that the team monitor progress at pre-agreed intervals. The results of the next Leadership Scanner survey can be used for monitoring, or progress can be measured using other tools agreed upon by the team.